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Nursing schools in Delaware prepare students for a wide variety of careers in healthcare. Some graduates work in specialized areas, such as patient addiction, genetic disorders, rehabilitation treatment, or public health education. Others work closely with patients to assess their health conditions and administer medicine and treatment. In hospital settings, nurses play an integral role assisting doctors in medical procedures.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the nursing field will grow 15% over the next nine years. Delaware ranks in the top three states for the highest number of employed registered nurses and offers RNs the highest pay in the country. You can complete an online BSN, MSN, or RN to BSN degree program in Delaware to enhance your job prospects in the healthcare field.

How to Become a Nurse in Delaware

Most professionals seeking a career in nursing undergo similar training in order to meet industry standards. Some details regarding training, job placement, and advancement vary by state. Delaware requires a $200 fee for licensure. Additional fees depend on the type of licensure and degree held by the applicant. While pursuing your online nursing degree, teachers and advisors will help you meet the requirements of your chosen state of employment.

Choose the Path That's Right for You

The minimum degree required to become a registered nurse is the associate degree in nursing ( ADN ). Most often, competitive candidates in this field hold a bachelor’s of science in nursing ( BSN ).

As with other states, BSN programs at nursing schools in Delaware are often considered preparatory degrees for students wishing to pursue a master’s degree ( MSN ). Those who plan to teach at the college or university level will need a doctoral degree in nursing ( DNP ).

Earn Your Nursing Degree

Choosing an online nursing degree program can save time and money. Plus, enrolling in nursing school online in Delaware allows for flexible scheduling. Ensure you have completed required prerequisites before applying to an online nursing degree program. Previous coursework in microbiology, chemistry, and statistics is generally required.

Some nursing schools in Delaware offer optional internships to help students transition from the online classroom to hands-on work experience. Clinical rotations, however, are required to earn an online nursing degree. Online RN programs in Delaware usually require two to three years of full-time study. Some online nursing colleges in Delaware offer an RN to BSN degree, which helps students earn a bachelor’s degree after they obtain licensure.

Pass the Licensing Exam and Earn Your License

While the coursework to earn an online nursing degree constitutes a large part of exam preparation, students can also prepare by becoming familiar with the test format and procedures. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing offers educational videos and resources to help students prepare for licensure exams. In Delaware, the fee is $200 to take the exam. Attending a nursing school in Delaware and obtaining licensure does not guarantee employment, but healthcare professionals with a degree and licensure are the strongest candidates for job opportunities.

Nursing Licensure in Delaware

Students pursuing an online nursing degree in any state, including degrees from nursing schools in Delaware, must pass the NCLEX-RN exam to earn a nursing license. All who take this pass-fail exam are tested on the same content and graded by identical evaluation standards. To be eligible to take the exam, students must have graduated from an approved pre-licensure RN or LPN/LVN nursing education program. Although licenses are associated with one state, a licensed nurse in good standing may obtain licensure in another state without repeating the exam process. Nurses who have been inactive in one state and wish to practice in another state may be required to take refresher courses. Follow all state guidelines while preparing to take the exam; Delaware’s Board of Nursing offers specific instructions for those attending online nursing schools in Delaware. Visit for information regarding licensure preparation for those with specific degrees.


Processing Fee $132

Background Check $65

Total $397

Career Outlook for Nurses in Delware

Projections Central projects that job opportunities for registered nurses in Delaware will increase 17% by 2024. With a large hospital in each of the state’s main metropolitan areas, Dover and Wilmington, graduates of nursing schools in Delaware enter a variety of healthcare roles. Facilities such as Bayhealth Hospital in Dover specialize in cardiac surgery, neurosciences, orthopedic rehabilitation, and cancer services. Each of these areas needs nurses who specialize in cardiovascular, critical care, or rehabilitation.

Employment Hourly Mean Wage Annual Mean Wage
Delaware 11,320 $34.05 $70,820
United States 2,857,180 $34.70 $72,180

Biggest Hospitals in Delaware

  • Wilmington Hospital – Christiana Care : Located in Wilmington, this nonprofit facility is part of the Christiana Care Health System and houses the state’s only level I trauma center and level III neonatal intensive care unit. With 241 patient beds, more than 1,400 physicians and surgeons on staff, and some of the most advanced healthcare technology in the state, this is a great location for both patients and employees.
  • Bayhealth Medical Center – Kent Campus : Located in Dover, this nonprofit facility has more than 3,600 employees, 400 of whom are physicians. The Kent campus offers specialized centers for rehabilitation, advanced joint replacement, and behavioral health. Bayhealth employees receive substantial benefits, tuition reimbursement plans, and childcare services.

Additional Nursing Resources in Delaware

American Nurses Association (ANA)

Students and recent graduates from nursing schools in Delaware will benefit from joining the ANA, which offers thorough and up-to-date resources. ANA provides career advising , offers development guidance, and hosts annual conferences. ANA also hires graduates of Delaware nursing schools.

Delaware Chapter of the National Hispanic Nurses Association (NAHN)

This organization is committed to improving the health of Hispanic communities while advancing educational, professional, and leadership opportunities for Hispanic nurses. For those pursuing an online nursing degree, NAHN offers regular meetings and online career resources. Membership does not require a degree; nursing students are encouraged to become involved in the group before entering the job market.

Delaware Nurse Jobs

Ideal for students in accelerated nursing programs in Delaware who will soon be entering the job market, this resource lists available positions in the state. Operated by the Delaware Nurses Association, Delaware Nurse Jobs provides up-to-date information. Job seekers may post résumés and set up job alerts to be contacted when positions become available.

American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

The ANCC organizes four types of credentialing programs that certify and recognize nurses in specialty areas. For students pursuing an online nursing degree, attending an ANCC national conference provides networking opportunities and information on the latest research.

Delaware Nurses Association (DNA)

Most nursing schools in Delaware help students connect with organizations, such as DNA, that support nurses through education and research. DNA provides Delaware nursing school students with reliable resources and helps its members protect themselves in legal situations, such as professional practice liability cases.

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