Advertising Disclosure

About Us

Researching nursing programs and related information can feel overwhelming, which is why we created a comprehensive website to help students with the process. At, our mission is to provide resources, tools, and information to help current, prospective, and returning nursing students make informed academic and professional decisions.

Students can find helpful information, detailed guides, and data-driven school rankings, whether they are comparing programs, looking for financial aid and scholarships, or want to learn more about a specific nursing career.

How We Make Advertising Revenue

Editorial independence and transparency are our top priorities, even when making money. To generate revenue, we advertise certain schools that compensate us for student referrals. These revenue-generating advertising placements are always clearly labeled as “ad” or “advertising disclosure” so our users can easily see what is an ad and what is editorial content. If a user interacts with a tool labeled "ad" or "advertising disclosure," we may receive compensation. However, editorial content is never influenced by the schools we advertise.

Our Editorial Integrity

At, students always come first. This means we will always create editorial content that is helpful and relevant to our users, independent of our advertised content, and free of influence from advertised schools. To ensure our editorial content is impartial and independent, we only use reputable sources, such as the National Center for Education Statistics, Peterson's, and the Common Data Set Initiative.

All school rankings are based on our proprietary methodology, which evaluates factors that are important to nursing students, such as cost, retention rate, and admission rate. In addition to using high quality, unbiased data sources, we also adhere to the following guidelines to ensure editorial independence:

  • All schools in our rankings are nationally or regionally accredited. If a school is not accredited, it will not be included on our list, even if it scores high for other factors.
  • Schools cannot pay to be included in our rankings and do not receive preferential treatment. This includes colleges and universities that we advertise.
  • All experts, writers, and editors adhere to strict editorial standards.

Last updated: August 22, 2019