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The future of the U.S. healthcare system depends on nurses, and we are here to provide all the support we can to current and aspiring members of the nursing community. Our team is dedicated to helping prospective nurses find, enroll, and finance their education; we also provide a forum to support current nurses with their day-to-day activities and future aspirations.

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At, we believe the best education and career advice comes from experienced professional nurses. Their invaluable advice and keen insights benefit aspiring nurses in the process of earning a college degree, obtaining a state license, and/or finding a job.

We also emphasize editorial integrity and transparency. editors frequently evaluate the site's guides and rankings to ensure that our content is accurate, up to date, and unbiased. Additionally, we hold our contributors to the highest standards of journalistic excellence. If you have any concerns regarding our site, please reach out to us.

Our Contributors

Meet our team of practicing nurses or nursing students who are dedicated to making an impact in the healthcare industry and your nursing journey. In addition to partnering with to create amazing video content, each contributor goes above and beyond and manages their own hugely popular YouTube channel.

Meet the Experts below:


Ashley Adkins

Registered Nurse

Ashley Adkins is a Registered Nurse (RN) who graduated from Arizona State University in 2015 with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). Although Ashley was born and raised in Arizona, she currently resides in Washington and is working as a medical-surgical nurse. She also is beginning to cross-train into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Emergency Department (ED). In her spare time, Ashley enjoys working out, cooking delicious food, playing with her puppy, and sleeping in!

Caroline Porter Thomas

Registered Nurse

Caroline Porter Thomas is a Registered Nurse (RN) who graduated from the BSN program at Fayetteville State University with honors in May 2008. She is the author of two books on achieving success in nursing and as a nurse: How to Succeed in Nursing School: Before, During and After and New Nurse? How to Get, Keep and LOVE Your First Job! Using her over seven years of nursing experiences, she writes and produces videos for her YouTube channel, EmpoweRN. When she isn’t writing or speaking about nursing, she works as a registered nurse in Miami.

Kathryn Ann

BSN Candidate

Kathryn Ann is a full time nursing student studying to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) with hopes to graduate in August of 2017. She previously graduated in 2014 with a Bachelors in Health. After interning for a year in a Labor and Delivery unit, she fell in love and hopes to become an L&D nurse after graduation. Kathryn Ann was born and raised in Texas and is one proud Texan. When she's not studying, she loves working out, snuggling with her dog daughter, being involved in her women's organization, and napping. She runs the YouTube channel, Kathryn Ann, where she talks about a WIDE variety of topics. From beauty and fashion to finances, cooking, and nursing. You can find it all there.

Nurse Bass

ADN Candidate

Nurse Bass (Brad Bass) is a Student Nurse who is slated to graduate in December 2016 with an Associate's Degree in Nursing. He has a deep love for critical care Nursing and has high aspirations of working in the ICU or ER upon graduation. Brad is also the owner and operator of the popular and ever-growing YouTube Channel, titled 'Nurse Bass.' His primary focus is to help other fellow Nursing Students be successful. When he isn't GRINDING in school or on YouTube, he enjoys writing music, producing podcasts, and spending time with his lovely wife Ashley.

Nurse Mendoza

Critical Care Registered Nurse

A gentleman by day, a nurse by night, and tatted by choice, Nurse Mendoza excels as a Critical Care Registered Nurse. He puts his five years of healthcare experience to work in the ICU, caring for acutely ill patients, stroke victims, patients with neurological disorders, and burn victims. He started his own video educational blog detailing his experiences, providing tips for his fellow nurses, and sharing his passion with the world. His digital nursing presence catapulted him into the national spotlight, with appearances on the television show 'The Doctors' and features in several national publications. Nurse Mendoza is fluent in both English and Spanish, and won't quit until he is completely satisfied with his Nurse Grind.

Nurse Nacole

Critical Care & Travel Nurse

I'm Nacole Riccaboni, I'm a critical care nurse in Orlando, Florida and I love being a nurse. My life has been filled with medical experiences. From my husband's heart attack (while I was in my nursing program), to us conceiving our son (with the help of reproductive endocrinology), and both of my grandfathers being diagnosed with cancer. Medicine has been a big part of my life. I value medical professionals, I value their education and I respect them immensely. So much so, that I became a nurse. I want to help my community and be there in someone's time of need. I love what nurses stand for and how we provide that human touch to medicine. We need more nurses and my goal is to help that bottom-line with YouTube. My videos aren't about COPD exacerbations or heart failure because those concepts are taught in school. I'm not a professor. I want to help new and veteran nurses maneuver around the stressors that the nursing profession can bring. I want to shine a light and help where I can.

Nurses like you inspire us to provide and maintain resources to help make your job easier.

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Our Inspirations

Millions of medical patients benefit from nursing care every day. Nurses perform dozens of vital tasks in healthcare settings, from dressing wounds and diagnosing conditions to meeting with patients and their families to discuss long-term treatment plans. We are driven by stories of nurses changing lives and the patients their work impacts.


Why was this site formed?

We created in response to the growing demand for nurses. The U.S. is projected to experience a nurse shortage tied to the aging baby boomer generation. It is more important than ever to encourage individuals to consider a career in nursing so that we can adequately address our country's healthcare needs. However, with all its specializations, career paths, and acronyms (RN, LPN, ADN, DNP, etc.), the field can be daunting to navigate. We hope to combat this by providing well-researched resources about nursing education and careers. We also want to establish a community where nurses can support one another.

What resources do you provide for nurses?

Current and prospective nurses alike will find many useful resources on our site. For students, we break down nursing degrees at the associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels, discussing what each entails and what jobs graduates are qualified for. In addition, we provide information on online degree programs -- including bridge programs -- that offer greater flexibility for students juggling work or family obligations. Financial aid guides, a robust scholarship database, career information, and nursing program guides organized by state can also be found on Something missing? Please feel free to send in content suggestions here.

Is this site free to use?

Yes! Our site is free to use. If you share our resources, all we ask is that you cite us.

How is it free? is affiliated with, a third-party marketing agency working on behalf of colleges and universities looking to connect students with their online degree programs.

Where does your content come from?

Our data is sourced from websites like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the National Center for Education Statistics, and state-government-run nursing pages.

Can I become a contributor?

Yes! Our user base is what makes the site a success, and we are always looking for contributors from the nursing community. If you are interested, please contact us. Be sure to tell us a little about yourself, your nursing journey, and what you had in mind.

Can I share the videos?

We encourage you to share our content, video and otherwise. All we ask is that you properly cite our resources when sharing.

Can I advertise on your site?

Yes! Please send us a note detailing your ad inquiry here. Please note that we do not work with unaccredited schools or nursing programs.

Where does the data for your school database come from?

All information about the schools in our database is sourced from the National Center of Education Statistics.

I am noticing an error in the school database -- can I get it fixed?

We are committed to providing only the most recent and accurate information on If you notice an error, please contact us. Thank you!

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